Why Your House Could Be Your Best Performing Asset Class

Since the coronavirus pandemic, its services have expanded way beyond just providing shelter By Greg IpAug. 5, 2020 8:05 am ET More than a decade ago consumers and bankers thought houses were surefire investments whose prices never went down. That ended in 2008 with a financial crisis. It may be time to revisit the thesis. In […]

Designing Your Home to Make You Feel Good and Healthy

By Jennifer Tzeses From perfecting your lighting to ending noise pollution, here’s how to make your abode better for you The meaning of “home” has taken on even greater significance lately. As we’re sheltering in place, it continues to evolve as more than just a refuge—it’s a workspace, a place for homeschool, a fitness studio, […]

Atlantic Fine Woods recycles downed city trees into fine lumber

Atlanta Magazine Atlantic Fine Woods recycles downed city trees into fine lumber Partnering with tree services, siblings Laura and Joe Sissoko purchase downed trees, typically cut from yards and development sites—wood that would otherwise be mulched or sent to the landfill. BY MARY LOGAN BIKOFF -JUNE 25, 2020 When siblings Laura and Joe Sissoko decided to start […]

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